Reviews for Fake News

“Donald Trump declared that all books written by satirical author David Hutter be incinerated in the White House incinerator. Writing on Twitter, the president declared this book a load of ‘fake news worthy of CNN’. A thoroughly enjoyable read.” ★★★★½
The Daily Squib

“A brilliant piece of satire by a young author with a sharp tongue and a unique perspective on the world. An engaging and fast-paced read that will have you laughing and squirming at the same time. Serious, but satirical; timely, but also tongue in cheek. The writing is whip-smart and creative.”
Self-Publishing Review

“Fake News floats above the dross of mundane literature to bring us something wholly original and laugh-out-loud hilarious. Hutter spins a marvellous yarn that is fleet of wit and entertaining to read. Highly recommended!”
Book Viral

“A spoof that is at once funny, sad, and thought-provoking. Highly recommended reading for anyone who would seek a light-hearted but hard-hitting blend of satire and political observation.”
D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

“A funny, funny book that will make you weep with glee.”  ★★★★★
Readers’ Favorite

“Creative and educational, this work will appeal to those who don’t take politics too seriously.”  ★★★★
The Book Review Directory

“A side-splitting spoof. A potent mix of hearty satire blended with vigorous and seriously witty political reflection.”
East London News

“A hilarious novella. Within this satire there are some hidden truths masked by the humor and creativity of the author.”