About David

Since graduating from London’s Middlesex University with a degree in creative writing in 2006, David has worked as a writer and editor for various publications. He published his first book, the satirical novella FAKE NEWS: Strange historical facts reimagined in the world of Donald Trump, in October 2017. He is currently completing the final edit of his first full-length novel, a satire about hipsters, which he started writing shortly after he and his wife came back from their honeymoon in California at the end of 2016.

David on the idea behind FAKE NEWS

Having found a bar in Palm Springs on election night 2016 that struck the right balance between atmosphere and availability of tables near a TV, my newly wedded wife and I settled in for a well-lubricated night of edge-of-the-seat excitement during our honeymoon. We were therefore not only upset that our fun was cut short by the unexpectedly swift resolution, but also as baffled by the result as the local social workers, artists and gay couples who joined us over the course of the evening. Maybe we’d missed something and they weren’t representative of every person across the US.

A few months later, though, it didn’t escape me when reading about colonial Britain’s Opium Wars in 19th-century China that many decisions taken by governments throughout history that were deemed reasonable at the time would be considered appalling and totally unacceptable today. Evidently, that realisation will only directly lead to musings about Donald Trump if you assume that the opposite will apply to him – decisions that seem appalling and totally unacceptable today will be viewed as reasonable further down the line. Let’s hope not, but being open-minded about the concept behind Mike Judge’s movie Idiocracy, I wouldn’t rule it out either.

In any case, I amused myself imagining how the current British government might try to pressure, say, Colombia into producing cocaine, much like it swamped China with opium more than 150 years ago to make loads of cash and then launched two wars when the Chinese Emperor tried to prevent his citizens from getting addicted to the drug. And I thought it would be great to write a satire in which current world leaders take outrageous decisions that are based on “reasonable” actions from the past. I was going to start off with Donald Trump, but for the sake of balance, I wanted to create stories around the likes of May, Macron and Merkel, too. Then I thought, “Screw balance!”, and decided to stick with the best character.